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Inspired by conversations with others, I made an online thingy for listing your Lego "Create the World" Card swapsies.

Not quite all there yet and is using very basic styling. But feel free to sign up and give it a go.

You add all your cards, and get a public profile listing them. You can add notes like "Steve wants this one in exchange for a Surfer Girl".

This was a "fun" way to spend a couple of hours and good coding practice for me. But maybe it's also better than just listing things in Facebook or Mumsnet threads?

Privacy and Terms

This is a fun side project. But you need to know a few things. I'm not using analytics, but I may in future. I am using cookies to keep you logged in. Your public profile will show your name, your username (in the URL) and the cards you have listed against your account. Your profile does not show your email address. This website comes with no warranty or guarantee as to it's availability or accuracy. If you have any questions email swaptheworld@wintle.me.uk. Thanks!